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Job description

Our agency co-operates with an ”adult website” that runs multiple apps. They are all connected to one basic app with which you would work. This website has a big advantage over LiveJasmin, chaturbate, etc. There is no nudity on the profiles, and the company can advertise on Facebook and Google. Because of that, traffic is outstanding!

Your job would be to answer the app’s calls and talk with clients on the camera and animate them as long as possible. You don’t need to show your face if you don’t want it, but it will lower your earnings.
It works directly from a mobile phone (ios or android).

A personal document is not required for registration, and you can put any other name (nickname), year, and location on the app!
Application block screen recordings so nobody can record you!

If you don’t prefer nudity jobs we also offer a job on a computer without hot video talks. Details you can check on our website:

You can apply for both jobs and maximize your earnings

Your duties:
– To keep your profile updated with fresh pictures and videos
– To be online as much as you can and don’t have missed calls
– To be friendly and communicative with clients

One minute spent in a video chat is 0.70$, and that is your total earnings!
You can see your earnings’ status on your profile, but keep in mind that the app pays 1$/min in total. 30% is going to taxes and our agency. The other 70%, as we mentioned, is going to you.
So, if you have in your profile, for example, 100$ (100ocoins), 70$ is yours.

The application is easy to use, and there is no need for any training. Still, we have detailed instructions to make you even more efficient to work successfully. If you have any experience with social networks, it is more than enough. 

For registration you need to send us:

  • Minimum three pictures of you (better pictures-more earnings)
  • Nickname
  • Age
  • Short Identification video (it will not be public, it is only for registration purpose)

Questions for identification video:
1) Tell me something about yourself (name, country, age, job, hobbies)
2) Do you have any talents? Such as singing and dancing
3) Do you have any working experience with similar apps? 
4) Why do you think you are qualified for this job?
5) How many hours can you work on this app every day?

We must mention that the work scope on this site is much greater than others because they merge all of their dating apps into one parent from which girls are working so that earnings can pass thousands of dollars per payment.
Become a cam model and take all advantages!

Payment methods:
– WesternUnion
– MoneyGram
– PayPal

– Direct bank transfers in EUR or USD

To be sure this is not a scam, we can pay you your first earned 100$ immediately!


Viber or Whatsapp: +1 332 213-0022

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